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A pole of expertises
Specialised in safety training and operational performance of the aeronautical organizations, our fields of expertise are essientially: Human Factors (HF), Safety Management System (SMS), aeronautical English language (AVENCO) and the operational performance of Flight Crew (CRM - NOTECHS - LOFT - LOE).

Our assets are the quality and the fast availability of our services at competitive prices. Furthermore, we assure a complete following during the validation process in order to ensure the regulatory compliance, in accordance with the concerned Civil Aviation Authority.

We also distinguish ourselves from the competition through our certified and experienced team. All the conception of our modules follows the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS methodology allowing us to give you a service which goes beyond the simple regulatory compliance.
Inuk International:
International network
In order to be able to meet with the demands on set of aeronautical sectors on an international scale, we have a network of professionals located in North America and Europe.

Our network of experienced professionals (a multidisciplinary team) is constituted of advisors, instructors, course developers and aeronautical medical examiners (AME). According to their field of expertise, they are certified: EASA, FAA, TCCA, CASA, ICAO.

On a practical point of view and according to the ICAO annexes, our fields of action are: OPS / AMO (6), AIG (8), ATS (11), AGA (14), GHSP's.